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And Now For Something Completely Different

Isn’t it wonderful when a new piece of art work completely surprises you? When you step back and say “Huh?”

I admit that using “Huh” does nothing to elevate my thought processes, but it is more honest than saying I stepped back and said: “My stars, this piece is definitely an example of using imagery in my work that represents a major psychic shift, which I shall now take several hours to inscribe in my journal, after which I shall develop a dozen sketches furthering this theme to see where it leads me, followed by a thorough analysis of all that data so I can compose a new schema to inform how I approach making my art in the immediate future.”

Enough hyperbole: I have been doing a few gesture drawings of faces and figures lately. I am not a portrait painter, but using gesture drawings is a fun and effective way of bringing the face and human figure into your work, especially if you abstract it. I decided to use one in a piece that had stalled on me: I just didn’t know where to go next. Then I added the face (I ripped it in half, and the one side morphed into a different face altogether). The piece began to flow for me again. Here are the results:

Gesture drawing of young male


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