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An Unusual Achievement


I have an unusual achievement to celebrate today: I have written at least one post on this blog for every single day of 2011. I am oddly proud of this. I am also surprised at all I have learned about myself and the way I do art by sitting down at my computer every day and showing something I’ve created. It’s a ladder I was determined to climb on the first day of this year, and today I can say that I made it. I climbed every rung, I got to the top. Now, I have to decide if I want (or need) to do it again.

To Climb Or Not

The last day of the year always fills me with gratitude. How fortunate that I am able to look forward to another year, and have so many incredible options open to me. As a misfit, a crazy one, a trouble maker, I really do believe the world can be changed. Wait a minute: I believe the world is already a fantastic place, if you know where and how to look.

Steve Jobs Poster

You may say, But what about poverty, hunger, violence? And I answer back, All it takes is people realizing they can think differently for those problems to dissipate.

Call me Polyanna, if you wish. I always liked that book.

I wish you a Happy New Year, dear reader, full of goodness in every form. Thanks for tuning in on my adventure. I appreciate it.

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