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An Appetite For Fish

I was told the story of Jonah when I was a child, and it terrified me.

Jonah was running away (or trying to sail away) from what God wanted him to do. This was an exercise in futility, because God simply made sure Jonah was swallowed by a whale. In the belly of the whale, Jonah had 3 days and nights for sober second thoughts, and recommitted to obedience.  Once he became compliant, the whale vomited him out.

We know in our gut what is essential for our survival, and face dire consequences, emotionally and perhaps physically, if we ignore that knowledge.

The biblical story left me with the impression that I must face the things I know I have to do, because my belly will never let me forget it if I don’t.

And though I am aware, as an adult, that a whale is a mammal, and not really a fish, I’ve never had much of an appetite for fish.

On the other hand, I have little appetite for compliance, either.

Into the Belly of a Whale

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