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Add Some Jing To Your Art Teaching (No, That Is Not A Typo)

I took time out for a while from my frenetic pace of writing, so that I would have more time to simply create art, but also to think about how I wanted to approach writing. I knew I loved to write, and that good content is important to me, but decided that I had slipped into writing more about what everyone else was doing than about my own processes. It is important to learn from others, and have them be a catalyst for your own ideas, but if you really want to connect with others, you have to share your self. I’m ready to do that. I feel that I have nothing to lose, and everything to gain, in terms of connecting with you, the person who has taken the time to read what I have to say. I deeply appreciate your attention and would be thrilled to dialogue with you, if you care to go that extra step and leave me a comment.

I am VERY excited about a program I found, called JING. I will now be able to share, easily, how I manipulate images on Photoshop Elements. It seemed impossible before, because I couldn’t be creative AND write down what I was doing at the same time. The other alternative was to just create away, trying this filter, and that brush, and this layer and that enhancement ~ and THEN try to re-create my steps. Let me just say that I do not possess an eidetic memory (I wish) and leave it at that. Having a camcorder sitting on my desktop did not seem feasible either.

Of course, the applications of this application it don’t end with Photoshop Elements. Go to the Jing link above, or the Jing blog to find out more about how you can use Jing to your adavantage.

I have to go and try this out. Why don’t you do the same, and we’ll compare notes!

#Jing #PhotoshopElements

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