• Carol Wiebe

Acrylic Products Rock!

I watched one of acrylic artist Tesia Blackburn‘s online video demonstrations, live. She is no stranger to fun, and Monoprint Without a Press Using Golden Acrylics “Open” Paint is now available in an edited version for your viewing pleasure.

Tesia also offers a great tip for making an acrylic skin on glass. Apply enough paint so that you can lift it off the glass. You can now lay it down over an area in a painting to “preview” what that color will look like. You can also cut a shape out of the skin and apply it with medium to become part of your painting. Some artists create entire paintings this way!

Tesia has often recommended the work and methods of Patti Brady, whose book Rethinking Acrylic is on my shelf, and should be on yours if you love acrylic products!

Golden’s Jodi O’Dell sums up the book as follows:

In Patti Brady’s book, Rethinking Acrylic, Radical Solutions for Exploiting the World’s Most Versatile Medium, she explores the versatility of the acrylic medium and its ability to mimic oil paint, watercolor, gouache and encaustic. She demonstrates how it can be applied in subtle transparent washes or troweled on as a heavy thick impasto as well as making the medium as transparent as glass or as dense and black as tar. Because of its ever-changing state, Patti Brady covers the most popular techniques for acrylic, making them accessible to the contemporary artist through a variety of mini demonstrations followed by full demonstrations that show how to transform those techniques into finished paintings.

Book In Hand

There are quite a number of offerings by Patti Brady on the Golden Paints site, because Patti is a Golden Director, and has been in their employ for about two decades!

I really appreciate her philosophy of teaching, part of which states:

I am not interested in teaching anyone “how to paint.” There are so many great teachers that have that particular skill. I’m interested in opening doors for exploration, for the artist to get a peek inside the options and for that artist to take these discoveries home, and make paintings.

Her gallery reveals a painter who loves to play, and is adept at finding a different “twist” for using any given material.

It would be a huge oversight if I did not mention Acrylic Revolution, by Nancy Reyner, as well. That book is another must-have for acrylic lovers. Her work knocks my socks off. A few glimpses, and you will likely be compelled to find out more about how she creates. The Energy Field paintings are a marvelous case in point.

I must go grab a paintbrush and begin playing with acrylics while my energy field is reverberating!

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