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A Wild Desire Realized

Last weekend was a flurry of activity as I scrambled to get 5 art pieces finished and packaged. That included creating and putting labels on the back of each piece, fitting a box, taping together a bunch of skinny lengths of bubble wrap, and then making labels for the boxes.

Somehow,  it all got done. In my last post, I was celebrating the fact that  two pieces had been accepted into The Grand National, 2010 competition. They were delivered Monday morning to the Homer Watson Gallery. Then I was off to a dentist appointment.

What I didn’t add was that I was preparing 3 other pieces for Threadworks, 2010. Part of the reason for my omission was because I had no expectations of getting in (I would have confessed sooner or later). Those feelings were underlined by my glimpses of the real embroidery work gracing the tables at the Wellington County Museum, where the entries had to arrive before 4 pm. I squeaked in at 3:10, feeling quite proud of having made the deadline. I assured myself that my entry fee would support a good cause, if nothing else.

Luckily, the Threadworks show includes mixed media work, so painting all over the stitches you’ve made is acceptable. Two pieces made the cut, and one even won a prize.

I’ll let you guess. You’ll have to attend the show to see if your guess was accurate.

Both pieces are in my new double quilt format, which I am really juiced about at the moment. Below, you are seeing two quilts: the one with the woman holding a nest, and a pink (VERY pink) one underneath it.

Wild Desire ~ by Carol Wiebe

Standing amidst her long limbed sisters, she is certain that if she was tapped, a glowing sap would flow from her being. It would taste like contentment, with a lingering note of wild desire.

The bottom quilt on the next piece is a deep wine, with the words written on it. I loved the challenge of putting these double quilts together. I am happily lying awake at night, devising ways to have the layers interact.

A Feast of Photons ~ by Carol Wiebe

Trees reach toward the sun ~ like hands seeking illumination. Our bodies are derived from light and our hunger for it is unceasing.

Both pieces have already been published to this site, but I had to make the backing quilts and attach them, as well as create hanging rods and repaint the words on Feast. Wild Desire was crocheted with fine thread in a freeform “pattern” along the outer edge, to which I added measured spurts of white pearl dimensional paint, like little berries or dew drops. I can never help myself, either, from adding a bit of paint here and there.

Living dangerously, artistically speaking, seems to be my modus operandi.

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