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A Virtual Appetizer for “Rooted in Intuition”

My former post anticipated the show, Rooted in Intuition, by Diane Kramer.

These photographs, taken by Michael Schaefer, illustrate the fact that the show is taking place RIGHT NOW at The University of Pittsburgh at Bradford ~ Jan. 21 through Feb. 25, 2011 in the KOA Art Gallery. This appetizer should whet your craving for an encounter with the actual work.

Show in PA

Show in PA 2

Show in PA 3

Show in PA 4

Show in PA 5

These photographs were not taken to provide close details of the work; Diane’s Flickr photostream and Rooted in Intuition on her website will allow that to some degree. What they do provide is a visual sense of the art pieces in the gallery: how they are grouped, the spacing between them, the scale of the works (with Diane beside them), the size of the room, how they are lit. To really experience them to their fullest extent, of course, you must visit the gallery, itself.

Diane deserves to be very proud of her exhibition. It has such allure ~ drawing the viewer into the inner journeys of a fascinating mind ~ and was produced against considerable odds. Grandma Barica is probably directing a heavenly band to celebrate this great accomplishment (complete with a glowing red accordion).

PS: The show is dedicated to Grandma Barica, Diane’s beloved grandmother, who died in 2010.

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