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A Thumbs Up from the Universe

I must be turning into a real blogger at last. There was a time when I could go for weeks without posting. Now, I’ve gone 6 days and cannot fully relax until I write. Ideally, I give myself a blog fix every few days.

Today is the last day of my solo show at Greenwood Quiltery. I have to chuckle about the timing, because it has been quite the month, in financial terms, all over the world! However, I sold 2 pieces, so I consider that a thumbs up from the Universe. And today is Halloween: perhaps some exotically costumed art lover will purchase another piece today, to give themselves a treat.  (UPDATE: make that 4 pieces! Blessings on the buyers for supporting artists in general, and this one in particular.)

I am almost finished the last piece I posted about, but most of my time has gone into cleaning and purging my studio. I am certainly not alone in this: I’ve noticed others who have been caught in the grip of this cleansing ritual! Kelli was “drowning in disorder.” Melody is on a “mad rampage of stash reduction.” With her usual hilarious humour, Rayna brags that her studio “has been neat many times – for about five minutes each time.” And Susie, bless her, also made me laugh:

Those of you who have attended one of my workshops may be under the mistaken assumption that I am a neat and well-organized artist. Oh, how wrong. One of the unexpected benefits of teaching in my studio is that I am forced to clean, tidy and organize at least once a month. Pride and necessity coalesce to motivate me before the participants arrive. Truth is, I work with piles of stuff, large piles, scary piles. When I am in the art-making mode, I just can’t be neat and tidy.

And Nita talks about her diminishing floor space:

I had to add a folding card table to pile research books, file boxes and such for the book. I’ll be using my long tables to do some of the art work and don’t want to keep moving stuff on and off the tables.

Judy claims it’s “a rare thing to see my table this clear.” But she had great motivation to clean up, and has documented proof “that it was this clean once.”

Then there is Denise, who admits: “I always keep the house neat and clean.” Does that include your studio, Denise?

I’d love to hear about your level of organization, cleanliness, and so on. Perhaps you have a tip or two, a lifesaver for the drowning?

On the other hand, I could just continue with my doodling . . .

I'd rather be doodling.

I'd rather be doodling.

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