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  • Carol Wiebe

A Sweet Christmas Greeting


Like you, I have many different sides to my personality. They run the whole scale, from deeply looking into your eyes serious, to gasping with laughter silly. I don’t think I have to explain where this image falls on that scale.

The pic was taken at a special needs school, where I teach READING IS FUN to four and five year olds. That is, I tell stories, sing, read poems, have conversations about what we are wearing and where we have wounds (also known as ow-ies or boo-boos). The students are SO open with me, and I endeavour to be every bit as open with them. They love it when I can’t find things and they help me find them, or my materials slip onto the floor and they are able to assist me with the cleanup. They howl with laughter if I just about fall off my chair or trip over a library book, and say “OOPS!” Once I told them I still had paint on my hands from the latest painting I was working on and they ran up, en masse, to peal the paint off with their nimble little fingers. It was a strange, but not unpleasant feeling.  The first thing we do, when a class comes in, is sing the library song to the tune of “We Will Rock You” while I pound out the beat on a cube chair with a boom-whacker. It never fails to bring smiles to their faces, or mine.

I do not run a typical, elementary school library.

I have a puppet named Candy who every student in school considers a personal friend. You just look at her and you know why–did you ever see a wider smile (or blue-er eye shadow) ?

Both Candy and I wish you a very merry Christmas today. Notice that her name comes first. For ten years, it has always been that way. I am just her sidekick.

Merry Christmas from Candy and Carol

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