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A surprise of beautiful work

I went to a local art ‘n craft sale this weekend, and found some beautiful painting/collage work by an artist named Laurie Skantzos.

I also was quite taken with Rosa Murillo‘s sirens, another artist who uses collage and painting (to mention just a few) techniques in her work. Rosa is into found art . . . an intriguing concept whereby “artists all over the world are contributing to leave art to be found by someone who just happened to stop and see it unexpectedly, and to make their day a little more inspired and cheerful.”

Then I found Sarah Winkler’s work. Here is painting/collage work to aspire to! As she says,

My paintings are fragments of past travels, current environment and related observations. I piece, paste and fuse together diverse imagery and text that tickles the imagination, stirs the senses, and evokes an air of mystery and illusion.

I made a Christmas present for a good friend of mine, using what I call painting/collage techniques. Wendi loves chocolate, dogs (especially her poodle Cocoa), eggs . . . and I will leave the rest for you to explore at her site! I know I will be creating many more of these mixed media collage paintings. It is a very freeing way to work! Here is my result:

Ancient Appetites ~ © Carol Wiebe

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