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A SAD State of Affairs


I belive that if I can just be patient, things will get better, she said.

Better than what? he asked, genuinely concerned. I didn’t know you were feeling so discouraged.

That’s just it, she admitted. I’m not sure why I am in such a malaise, but I am.

Could it be the time of year? Less light can lead to seasonal affective disorder. He hoped so. He didn’t want it to be his lack of attention lately. He was following a crazy schedule.

Maybe, she muttered, wondering why he ran off suddenly. Noises and a sweet smell eventually came drifting out of the kitchen.

He returned, brandishing banana almond smoothies and a plate of oatmeal cookies ~ fresh oatmeal cookies.

She was touched. You’re trying to make me feel better. Thanks, sweetie.

Oh, I have ulterior motives. He took another cookie. Oatmeal, bananas and almonds all contain melatonin, which is apparently helpful for sleep deprived folks suffering from SAD.

I’ll drink to that. She smiled, and raised her smoothie glass to his.

It Gets Brighter All the Time (after Christmas)

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