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A Ripple of Disturbance

Deadlines are a spur to the artist, keeping us on our toes, creatively.

But life is not only about creating art. I had to go for a mammogram at a local hospital the other day, and I snapped this picture outside the main doors.

Rust on tap

I am excited about that drip, left of the tap, and the beautiful turquoise highlights on the metal.

After playing a bit, this emerged:


I put the elements of this design a little off kilter ~which causes a ripple of disturbance, a tingle, a slight uneasiness ~ and in such pretty colors, too.

#rust #breastexam #rippleofdisturbance #tap #faucet #visitation #hospital #CWWOL20110316a #uneasiness #mammogram #CWWOL20110316b #disturbance #offkilter #ripple

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