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A Receiver Beware Christmas

. No, this is not larvae, it is a closeup of scarf number two.

Scarf two closeup

Scarf number one and two are completely crocheted, and three is well on its way. Yes, I am quite focused at the moment. Crochet is addictive ~ watching as a single strand of yarn grows into a beautiful geometric design before your eyes, with the mere flick (or many flicks) of a hook and your wrist. I do not like to use the word obsessed, although there are those who seem obsessed with both crochet and scarves.

According to oral tradition, her last words were: “Farewell, my friends, I am off to glory!” As the car drove off, she threw a long silk scarf around her neck, which entangled in one of the car’s open-spoked wheels. The heavy embroidered silk pulled instantly taut and snapped the dancer’s neck. This misfortune took place in Nice on September 14, 1927. (The reference here, of course, is to the infamous dancer Isadora Duncan.)

It will be a receiver beware Christmas, handing these scarves out to my friends. Perhaps I will include a warning label: do not allow scarf ends to hang close to running machinery, clogged drains, closing doors, moving parts.

Scarf two

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