• Carol Wiebe

A Private Art Challenge (That I Am Sharing With Whoever Cares to Read This)

It is the last day of 2010, and I have been cogitating for months now about how I will proceed with art in the coming year.

Notice I said how, not if. There are no ifs about making art.

In a previous post I mentioned that trying to arrange all my thousands of links had precipitated an epiphany. In a nutshell, I realized that I was doing the same thing on the computer that I have been doing in my studio: piling up an inordinate amount of stuff that really had little to do with the essential, authentic me.

My hard drives, in 0ther words, are as cluttered as my studio.

Therefore, I declare my intention to PURGE down to the essentials of what I need. I will not simply sweep everything away, willy nilly. There will be some analysis and examination involved.  However, I am approaching this in a rather hard nosed manner: if I don’t LOVE something,, or see an immediate application to suit my purposes, OUT it will go. I will cut, abridge, delete, discard, eliminate, restrict, expurgate.

Silverspring Studio has become as much a platform for my admiration of others’ work as it has for a presentation of my own art. I experience much joy in promoting and encouraging others, but realize that I want to push myself to express, to a greater degree, how art manifests itself in my everyday life.

I have decided to create a blog, Carol Wiebe WONDERS OUT LOUD, that contains only what I do, think, read, say, sketch, paint, etc. Not only will it highlight what I am wondering about (and there is always something), but it is my greatest hope that art wonders will emerge from my daily input (Yes, I said daily).

My thinking is that a daily discipline will force me to be succinct. It will also push greater growth, as I endeavour to create at least one painting/collage a week. These works will then be incorporated into other works: art books, journals, cracked paper quilts, etc. But the weekly paintings will be the backbone of my method.

Several things precipitated my 2011 approach:

1-Jeane advising me to edit and allow access2-Katherine Tyrrell’s advice: Blogging art = improved art– it’s the process which makes a difference and it really doesn’t matter one jot if nobody ever reads it!  Just writing it out and analyzing what’s going on helps us sort out how we think about our own art – or the art we are reviewing.  It also helps us to be more articulate about art which in turn helps us talk to clients about our own art.  It’s a win, win, win situation! 3-Mary Anne Wakeley’s observation about her own process: I am discovering that the more humble the materials, the more in tune I feel with the work. 4-Jane Dunnewold’s Daily Visuals, where she committed to a year-long photo-journaling practice, and kept it.

I have other aspirations as well. I want to:

  1. Learn how to use InDesign to expedite the many books I have plans for.

  2. Write more articles describing the many projects I have visions of.

  3. Keep exploring creativity, art methods, composition, color, whatever the muse presents.

  4. Write more poetry.

  5. Feed my spirit with meditation and contemplation (inspired, in part,  by Katherine Treffinger’s amazing Art of Transformation).

Then there are the classes I am teaching in 2011, so far, Art Book Adventure and Design and Construct a Cracked Paper Quilt. I utterly relish these times of heightened creativity, where art adherents gather, and the full force of our combined focus raises all of us to new heights of realization!

Do you think I have piled enough on my plate? I’d love to hear what you’ve put on yours!

Reflected Light ~ by Carol Wiebe