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A Giant Page of Annotated Links

Now that I am into making handmade books, in a BIG way, I want a place to keep track of my links about the subject. What I think I am going to do is create a repository page for annotated links. I am very tired of discovering useful and inspiring things, sending a note to myself on gmail about it, and then not being able to ever find it again among the thousands of messages that I have there (Julianne, can you relate?).

I will do this with any number of topics, and then aggregate all the links onto a giant link page on I want to be able to find what I want when I want, from anywhere, so this seems to be a workable solution. We’ll see.

Of course, it is a work in progress. And it will keep changing. What I will not have time for is to keep retesting all the links. I will have to rely on readers to let me know when a link has gone bad, for some reason, such as if a person makes changes to their website. Otherwise, they will only be changed serendipitously as I happen to test a link.

I also will keep playing with the structure of how I compose these annotated link pages, so they will keep evolving as well. As one of the tags, I will use Carol’s Annotated Links. It has also become a category (as of 3 seconds ago).

Stay tuned for the progress of this self-serving, mega-project, that you will certainly benefit from as well if you happen to be interested in the same topics I am.

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