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A few more ‘Fran Skiles Workshop’ pieces

I played around with this watercolor “base” in Photoshop Elements so that you could see the design. The actual watercolor paper is white stitching on white paper, and doesn’t show up very well. The rest of the pieces I show will just be finished pieces, without the original stitched watercolor. But the basic process, as described in other Fran Skiles posts, was to tear and cut the watercolor paper, then stitch it back together again (rather like piecing for a quilt, but with no seams, or fraying). This became the base for many different techniques, the primary one being collage. We created the collage papers as well.




#watercolourpaper #SilverspringStudio #watercolorpaper #collage #FranSkiles #mixedmedia #stitch

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