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A Dog’s Breakfast


That piece looks like a dog’s breakfast, he blurted.

She paused. What do you mean exactly?

A total mess, he grinned. Like the world.

A Dog's Breakfast

Now you’re getting all existential to deflect attention away from the fact that you don’t like the digital art I just spent hours on.

She felt a little hurt ~ even though she had worked at being professional about her work. But this wasn’t just anybody: couldn’t he see what she saw?

And do you really think the whole world is a total mess? She looked right at him, with an unwavering gaze.

Well, not at the molecular level. There everything is orderly, and beautiful. Even cancer cells are beautiful. He loved that microscope of his.

Maybe the soul is a person at the molecular level, she mused, and turned back to her own work.

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