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A Definite Magic


Day two of my Cracked Paper Quilt class was every bit as amazing as day 1.

First of all, quite a few of the participants did homework!

Candy's work

Despite challenges with her sewing machine, Candy managed to get a quilt top to this point. That took some perseverance!

Carol's work 1

Carol divided her work into a number of pieces, and was still deciding on their arrangement.

Carol's work 2

She had crocheted elements, lace, 3-d forms, piped edges.

Carol's work 3

It was fascinating to watch her create a variety of elements and shapes, then pull them together with paint and stitch.

Cat's work

When Cat started painting her 2nd quilt start, I knew it was going to be a spectacular piece. She had already cut out the circular shape, and added some free form crochet within, as well as other interior cracks and shapes.The color she unified the whole piece with is so rich, such a fiery red, it could singe your finger if you dared to touch it. I think Cat’s imagination has the same power.

Cheri's work

Cheri had a wonderful collection of images, writing, and painted papers that she masterfully wove together according to her own inner vision.

Denise's work

When Denise added the purple paint to this piece ~ and she was rather reluctant to do so at first ~ we all applauded. The whole piece came alive. She has plans for the opening in her quilt that will startle and delight when she puts them in place.

June's work 1

June’s work seemed to me to be an act of reverence ~ a testament to what she had witnessed and deeply felt. There was such a delicacy and subtlety about it.

June's work 2

When June added that crimson silk piece, puckering through the opening and spilling down beneath the quilt, I thought she had pierced a veil of sorrow and secrecy with a courageous act of making.

Kathleen combined her two works very successfully into one stunning piece. We discussed how the two original pieces had been attractive, but this piece had power. Kathleen is reminding herself, and us, to be mindful, and she achieved this with a piece that has a good deal of presence.

Terri's work 1

Terri divided her quilt into modules that she expertly stitched and shaped.

Terri's work 2

She then covered all three pieces with gold paint. From our conversations, I know that she intends to brighten the reds, as well as stitch beads to the top. I saw examples of her marvellous beadwork and know that this piece will be very elegant and rich looking when complete.


I am counting on these artists, whom I had the great privilege of sharing time and energy with, to send me photographs of their completed quilts.

Two days were not enough. I feel that we were just getting started. I had much left to share: more exercises, poetry, stories. I wanted to see their work to the finish line, and be there as they created MORE.

The place was well-equipped and spacious, the director Donna Lamb was gracious, the program co-ordinator Lindsey Tidd couldn’t have been more helpful. But put me in a group of motivated, talented women and I just want to squeeze every last drop I can out of the experience. I want 5 days, or more! The synergy is so invigorating that I felt I was going to burst from all the ideas that were flooding into my mind about new exercises, further presentations, other ways to organize.

I love being alone in my studio, but a gathering of artists who come together to work has a definite magic that quickens the creative spirit.

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