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A Creative Mind Map

After getting to a point where I was writing just about every other day and spending several hours on each post, I gave myself a break in December. I felt I needed a re-assessment of how my time was being spent. I was writing about art more than doing it, and the whole raison d’être for starting this blog in the first place was to chronicle my art journey. I have also been surfing the Internet less, because while it is thrilling to “make connections” and find inspiration, it can all too easily escalate into a situation where you are putting the bulk of your energy into seeing what everyone else is doing rather than doing it yourself!

So here it is the last day of 2009, and I am in a sweet spot with art that I have started illustrating by creating this mind map. I did not complete it, so I will continue working on it tomorrow, the first day of the new year. That seems fitting to me.

A Mind Map of My Creative Process, as yet unfinished (both, actually).

#artjourney #artprocess #fitting #mindmap

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