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A BIG Announcement

I have a new article in Quilting Arts~Issue 39, called Cracked Paper Quilts. (Here’s an extra, as well). Against the Grain was published exactly a year before in Issue 33.)

I LOVE writing as much as I love making mixed media paper art. It is so thrilling to connect with other writers and readers, as well as promote artists, products and methods I have discovered. Luckily, there’s here’s no contest between making art and writing about it: I CAN DO BOTH!

I am SO excited about working with paper that I have started a social network called Cracked Paper Quilts. Here I will be posting pictures of my work and videos of my methods, with the desire that others will do the same. We can discuss the many ways of creating design papers (these are the basis of my paper quilts) which includes everything from handmade stamps,  monoprints and gelatin plate prints, painting, drawing, collage, photography, stitch, inclusions (with clay, Shrinky Dinks, papier mache), Photoshop Elements. I could go on and on . . . and I will!

My goal is to interact with others who are interested in the following:

~~making and promoting paper quilts

~~experimenting with the myriad of ways to “decorate” paper

~~experimenting with ways to add “inclusions”

~~mixed media

~~creating a magazine and/or e-books about paper quilts and other mixed media involving paper

If any of this applies to you, please join me! I will be adding material often, and looking forward to seeing what you have to offer.

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